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Did you know that Occupational Therapists can treat Torticollis??

Updated: May 5, 2021

Occupational therapists can help treat children with Torticollis. Infant Torticollis (aka: “wry neck” or “loxia”), occurs when the infants neck is twisted. This can result in the head tilting to one side while the chin points upwards. Torticollis may be the result of positioning in the womb or due to a difficult childbirth.

Infant Torticollis or Congenital Muscular Torticollis (CMT), happens when your child’s neck muscles are tight on one side, or if something has caused scarring on one side of the neck. This can cause your child’s head to tilt to one side.

Torticollis is relatively common in newborns. Both boys and girls are equally likely to develop a head tilt. Does your infant have a difficult time turning their head to one side? Perhaps not as much difficulty turning to the other side? This may be a sign of Torticollis.

Due to the positioning of the head, an infant may develop a flat spot on their head (Plagiocephaly) or have Facial Asymmetry (their ears and/or eyes may appear to be at unequal levels).

If your infant does have Torticollis your doctor may teach you how to do stretches at home with your infant. It is also recommended that you receive an Occupational Therapy Evaluation for your child to help treat the Torticollis. The good news is that through intensive therapy (typically 2-3 times per week), Torticollis can typically be treated. The sooner you are able to come start treatment the better when it comes to Torticollis treatment.

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Janelle Daku, Women's Health & Pediatric Occupational Therapist

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