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Get to Know Me
and My Philosophy


"I help new mother's overcome stress, anxiety and feelings of being overwhelmed so that they can embrace their new identity as a mother."


Janelle Daku, MSc.O.T. Reg. SK

Pediatric and Women's Health Occupational Therapist

I began Family Foundations Therapy in order to bridge a gap in healthcare that I myself personally experienced. After giving birth to my daughter I was faced with situational and genetic risk factors that resulted in a diagnosis of Postpartum Depression and Anxiety. After learning about common postpartum experiences, I realized I had nothing to feel guilty about, or ashamed of and that I am not a bad mother. This is when I realized that it is time to normalize the transition from womanhood to motherhood and how I can contribute to the experience that mothers have.  By putting a language to the ‘new momma struggle’ we are able to embrace the inner shift that occurs, create better attachments to our babies, have better connections with our partners, family, friends and OURSELVES, which in turn we can live in calm, in happiness and be present for our world around us.


Health, Wellbeing, Empowerment

There are currently no businesses offering occupational therapy services in women’s health in Saskatoon and area. The profession brings a very unique perspective to women’s health. Occupational therapists listen to their clients, validate their client’s feelings/thoughts and beliefs, enable positive health outcomes through daily activities and work with their client’s to reach their goals. They have six therapeutic modes that characterize their interactions with their clients: advocating, collaborating, empathizing, encouraging, instructing and problem solving. These modes contribute to the unique relationship that is developed between you and your therapist.  Occupational therapists have a unique ability to address physical, social, psychological, environmental and spiritual aspects of a human being.

​We offer a variety of mother support services and family support from assessments to therapy and monthly memberships. A free discovery call offer helps identify what support is best for you and your family.

Occupational Therapists help address barriers impacting the transition to parenthood roles, routines and other aspects that affect the transition. We help parents experience the joy of parenthood by providing tools and strategies during this vulnerable time.

Family Foundations Therapy strives to achieve inclusivity.

We are committed to providing our customers a compassionate, client centered and collaborative experience.

We will do this by:

  • Recognizing distress and working towards alleviating it

  • Empowering clients to cultivate self-compassion, self-love and self-acceptance

  • Treating our clients with kindness, while cultivating kindness, recognizing the shared humanity and creating mindfulness to negative aspects of the self

  • Using activity as a therapeutic tool

  • Assessing the client from a holistic perspective (mind-body-spirit) to allow for efficient and effective problem solving with focused solutions

We working from a place of:

  • Altruism (unselfish concern for the welfare of others: actions – commitment, dedication, responsiveness, understanding),

  • Equality (all individuals have fundamental rights- day to day interactions of respect for values, beliefs and lifestyles that vary from our own),

  • Justice (fairness, equality, truthfulness and objectivity – maintain goal directed and objective relationships)

  • Freedom (freedom to pursue their own personal and social goals)

  • Dignity (seeing human beings holistically – mind, body, physical and social aspects that create unique and worthy individuals – through building unique attributes and resources a sense of competence and self-worth is developed)

  • Truth (faithful to facts and reality – accountable, honest, accurate and authenticity defines our actions and attitudes as a business)

  • Prudence (govern and discipline ourselves through the use of reason – we value discretion, vigilance, judiciousness, and make judgements on intelligent reflection and rational thought)

Information gathered from: Core Values and Attitudes of Occupational Therapy Practice (AOTA, 1993).

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