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Myofunctional Therapy

The Goals of Myofunctional Therapy include:

  • To eliminate or minimize oral habits

  • Establish nasal breathing

  • Achieve lip competence

  • Attain palatal tongue rest position: Anterior AND Posterior

  • Activate and elevate the back of the tongue

  • Tone the pharyngeal muscles

  • Work on functional postural training of the head and neck

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Myofunctional therapy helps address:

tongue tie.png

Tongue tie

Tongue thrust.jpg

Tongue thrust

open mouth posture.jpg

Open Mouth Posture

sleep apnea.png

Sleep Apnea

What is Myofunctional Therapy??

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Myofunctional therapy is the 're-education' or re-patterning of the oral and facial muscles. Therapy includes facial and tongue exercises and behavior modification techniques to promote proper/optimal tongue position, improved breathing, chewing, and swallowing.  Whole body health will be positively impacted by myofunctional therapy.

Incorrect Oral Muscle Patterns can cause:

  • Tongue-tie/Lip Tie

  • Tongue Thrust

  • Snoring

  • History of orthodontics

  • Inability to masticate food properly, open mouth chewing

  • Speech Problems

  • Periodontal Disease

  • Forward Head and Neck Posture

  • High Narrow Palate

  • Grinding and Clenching, Temporal Mandibular Disorders (jaw pain)

  • ADHD

  • Frequent congestion

  • Asthma

  • Anxiety

  • Incorrect swallowing may be linked to GERD

  • Oral tissue irritation

  • Lack of Lip seal (mouth breathing)

may lead to occlusal dysfunction

  • Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)

  • Low, forward tongue rest may be linked to

orthodontic relapse, psychological, cosmetic,

and structural issues

  • Noxious Oral Habits (thumb/finger sucking,

nail biting, prolonged pacifier)

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