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Moms and Babies

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We introduce you our 6 sessions programs, branched from our mom and baby group.The sessions we offer are created for mothers and new parents, to expand their individual  identity exploration and daily essentiel self care needs.Sessions 01 thru 06 that we offer, it covers multiples subjects such as: mental health, support, self-care, exploration of identity, setting of routines and boundaries,validation of emotions, return to sexual self, important life transitions and birth experiences etc. 

Session 01

Project Name

This first session will be focusing on discussion and defining "Identity". The session will include discussion of changes, from individual identity to  motherhood identity. This session will help mothers and new parents to discover and explore. 

Session 02

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The second session focus will be on emotions and expectations that can be felt by the mother and new parents.The essentiel is to help find strategies to help set boundaries and validate personal emotions  and  identifying sensory strategies.

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Session 03

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The third session will focusing on ergonomic related to child care, sleep hygiene and selfcare and finding strategies to return to sexual self.

Session 04

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The fourth session focus will be on mother and new parents individual birth story. We will discusses the  challenges, experiences point of view and collaboration of their surrounding during their birth.

Session 05

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The fifth session focus on prioritizing and rating your satisfaction with your current self. Mothers and new parents will discover and analyse their own individual ability, to self strategies to manage and set routines and navigate conversations with partner or community for help.

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Session 06

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The sixth session focus will be on revisiting the concept and definition of "identity",and discussing the values and expectation at the start of the first session and at the end of the sixth session. New parents and mothers will participate,in the exploration of various activities and self reflect and collection of valuable sources. The concept of exploring new hobbies, communities to reach out and discover new strategies and starts new conversations.

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